The X County Challenge

Sometimes it is all too easy to spend your time looking outward and dreaming of travelling to exotic far-flung locations, and by doing so, miss the awesomeness of what is right in front of your very eyes.


I’d certainly say that this is true of Morts and me (we can’t really hold Oskar accountable for his lack of UK travel!). Between us we have lived in the UK, Australia, Greenland, Denmark, the USA and Switzerland, and have travelled to over 40 other countries; yet we have barely scratched the surface in terms of uncovering the diversity of adventurous opportunities that lie within the UK. It’s actually embarrassing how little we have explored this great nation and many of my friends openly mock me for the fact that I have managed to pretty much avoid the whole of the north of England for my entire life (and when I say ‘north’ I pretty much mean anything north of Birmingham). But no self-respecting adventurer can have such breathtaking ignorance of their homeland and so it’s time to take action and put this right.


Enter stage right…. The Cross County Challenge! Morts and I have decided that over the course of the next few years, and in-between our overseas travel, we are going to make it our mission to visit every single county within Great Britain to complete some sort of mini-adventure. Admittedly, when we first came up with this idea, we didn’t realise that there were quite so many counties (!!) but nevertheless, we are up for it!


Having conducted extensive research into the matter (oh alright then – I’ve read Wiki), it appears that there are 48 ‘counties’ in England, 33 ‘council areas’ in Scotland and 22 ‘unitary authorities’ in Wales, giving a total of 103 different segments of this land of ours to visit!

So what are we going to do when we arrive in each county? Well, we’re up for pretty much anything: cycling, hiking, canoeing, skiing, roller-blading, urban exploring, visiting key tourist sites, bus/boat/plane trips, trampolining, pedalo-ing… you name it, we’re game!


We’re pretty pumped about this challenge and we genuinely want to see and experience the best that the UK has to offer. If you have any suggestions of the best places to visit or the best activities to do in your county then we’d love to hear from you, so please drop us a line at


Right, the big question…… where to first?

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We are a small family who love big adventures. Our aim is to get outdoors, travel, explore, and live our lives adventurously. We choose to define our lives by the richness of the experiences that we have had rather than by the stuff that we own.

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