A colourful kind of adventure

Not our usual outdoorsy weekend adventure but a new experience for us all and a whole load of family fun! This weekend we were involved in organising and running our local village Colour Run in aid of a fantastic local charity raising money for community and education projects in Southern Africa. And colourful it was!


The sun was shining and our awesome village turned out in droves to come and support the event. I had assumed that Oskar would be running in the Colour Run but it seemed I had under-estimated the lure that hurling handfuls of fluro powder-paint at random strangers would present to a three-year old! Hence he became chief paint-thrower, along with an army of little friends!


If you haven’t taken part in a Colour Run before I cannot recommend it enough – it’s such ridiculously good fun! It’s less about the run and more about the colour with the aim pretty much being to be smothered in as much and as many colours as possible!


Our little village event held four separate ‘runs’, each only two laps of our local park. During the course there were eight different ‘paint stations’ where competitors could expect to momentarily disappear into a cloud of colour courtesy of an over-excited volunteer paint-hurler. On top of which we were selling ‘grab bags’ of colour, which meant that in between all the paint stations the competitors were also being peppered with colour – by their so-called ‘loved ones’ on the side and most of the time by each other, the result of which was that 50metres into the race there was a clean t-shirt for miles around.


After multiple runs the event came to a conclusion with a ‘colour off’ – basically an excuse to get rid of all the left over paint and grab bags – cue about 200 people charging into the centre of the park and emptying every last grain of powdered paint onto anyone and everyone within range. The result of this spectacle was that just about everyone in the park, whether competitor, spectator or poor random dog-walker morphed into an unidentifiable multi-coloured mess. But it was awesome and loved by people of every age! The funniest thing was watching everyone dispersing after the event, leaving the park and heading off in their various colourful directions like it was totally normal to be head-to-toe fluro!


All in all, with the runs, the music, the BBQ a-sizzling, a much-visited beer and Pimms tent, coffee van, ice-creams, raffles/stalls, and of course the grab-bag sales, we raised about £2,500 for Choko, and I feel the whole village community came together and smiled and laughed that day. A great new experience for many and one that I am sure will be repeated next year!


So seriously, look up a Colour Run wherever you are and whatever your age… and if you can’t find one, then buy some powder-paint and organize your own!

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We are a small family who love big adventures. Our aim is to get outdoors, travel, explore, and live our lives adventurously. We choose to define our lives by the richness of the experiences that we have had rather than by the stuff that we own.

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