You noticed right?

That awkward silence.

The fact that we weren’t here.

That your favourite adventure family seemed to NOT be adventuring, or at least not telling anyone about it. The latter is closer to the truth.

There HAVE been adventures, albeit after a rather lengthy gap (to be explained in a later blog). But the ability to get my fingers on this keyboard and actually write about it has evaded me. Not least because for some reason, being an ‘all or nothing’ kinda person, once it had become ‘months’ since I’d written, it somehow became even harder to start again.

I had been thinking about the blog all the time and wanted to get started again, but I kept putting it off, waiting to have that ‘perfect moment’ – a big block of time in which I could settle myself down, get my head in the right place and dedicate some uninterrupted focus to it – clearly that moment never arrived (and isn’t like to arrive in the foreseeable future either!)

So instead, I’m flopped on the sofa, starting writing this at 10.06pm, with big hayfevery eyes, feeling somewhat sleep-deprived and with a big unfinished ‘To Do List’ sitting next to me, which for once I am choosing to ignore. I am (finally) getting this thing started again. It won’t be perfect (and I realise now it doesn’t need to be), but we’re back and that’s the main thing. I’m blogging again, and there are plenty of adventures past and future to get writing about.

In fact, now I’ve got this ball rolling again, I am going to put myself out there and commit to getting the next blog out by the end of the week – you’ll hold me to account won’t you?

TBAF - an awkward silence

Proof that we’re still alive. And yep, the astute of you will have noticed that there’s now there’s four of us!! ha ha…. part of the reason i’ve been struggling to make the time to blog!

Ciao for now.

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We are a small family who love big adventures. Our aim is to get outdoors, travel, explore, and live our lives adventurously. We choose to define our lives by the richness of the experiences that we have had rather than by the stuff that we own.

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